Where structures grow and branch out, earlier or later security questions emerge. That equally applies for human settlements as well as for the areas IT, organisation and processes.

In previous times one erected city walls and castles to protect oneself against outside enemies – but the walls had weak points and against inner challenges they did not help at all. In the same way sophisticated firewalls or conventional security programmes are not protecting extensively and efficiently when it comes to the wide spread areas of security, compliance, privacy, data protection, theft and others. The firewalls only form part of these areas and mostly security holes are patched but no stable walls are built.

These ever growing areas and even becoming more complexe touch all business activities. Due to the increasing interconnectedness our world faces completely new challenges when it comes to enable comprehensive security for our enterprises and networks.

My Approach

I offer and independent approach for the strategic reflection of security topics in your organisation. Let us speak about the challenges on hand and also those to be revealed to adopt your security policy according to the present challenges.

An effective security strategy, which covers the areas privacy, data protection, security and compliance comprehensively does not only require the knowledge about the threats from outside and those emerging from the inner part of the organisation but also includes the thorough knowledge within the ever growing complexity of IT structures.

In the first step the whole trick on the way to profound security is to gain overview of the IT landscape and process strategy and to identify weak points in a long grown and therefore in many cases jumbled structure in order to give this structure the appropriate clarity for gaining effective and sustainable protection.

In the next step the point is to develop a clear and reasonable, replicable structure concentrating on the bare essentials of the security strategy. Such strategy can be easily implemented when included from the beginning of a project. It can also be introduced subsequently with the appropriate participation of all.

A proprietary security policy based on these principles, concentrating on essentials and kept lean will also serve to integrate and solve upcoming challenges. Since the environment we are working in is not static the tasks may not be looked at and treated with static methods. The basis of all considerations is and remains a solid internal foundation for security concerns. And the most important the clear and steady commitment of top management.