As consultant and software specialist with decades of experience I support both medium and large entities to adapt their security policy to actual security threats. My approach is in the strategic layer far above ISO 2700x or German BSI Standard (Grundschutz). These two regulations indeed offer the solid basis to address security aspects, but require the embedding into an ample strategic solution to fully develop their effectiveness.

My service comprises consulting activities as well as the cooperation at the working level of implementing security provisions. In many cases existing systems may be also adapted to current challenges in reasonable time.

Security, privacy and compliance accompany each single process during its complete live cycle and where it is meaningful to introduce a well-balanced composition of forensic, proactive and immediate methods. In such way both internal and external and both wilful and accidental risks may be met effectively.

The fertile collaboration with auditors, regulators and naturally with the participants conduces to design and realisation of stable processes whereby security and other aspects like easy maintainability, highest reliability, clear traceability and simply structured processes play a vital role.

All tasks are carefully planned in collaboration with the clients and underlay a constant survey by the decision makers.