About Me

I am consultant and software specialist working predominantly with private banks and financial institutions and specialising in security, privacy, compliance and processes. In these areas I gathered extensive experience over 25 years, mainly working in international projects. Most of the clients reside in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg and their branches in15 other countries.

Examples of tasks rendered from me and colleagues are environment administration, user roles, automation of processes, ad hoc access control down to auditing, reporting and data change monitoring. The projects I worked in where partially set up from beginning or where joined at a later stage.

IBM’s operating System OS/400 served my efforts to set up extensive processes, which are serving equally processes and the wide range of security issues. The mighty programming languages RPGLE and CLLE enabled my colleagues and me to develop extensive processes and security applications.

Since 1991
Projects in Banks, Industry and Trade.

  • The scope of activities is depending from the single assignment with the clients whereby security always plays a major role:
  • Project Management
  • Job control
  • Segregation of duties
  • Environment administration (i.e. production, test, verification)
  • Software distribution
  • Access control to Database internally and externally
  • Output Management, Interfaces
  • Payment procedures
  • Encryption and anonymization of data
  • Migration
  • Auditing
  • Data change monitoring

1978 – 1990
Diverse ERP-Projects in production and trade:

  • Development, training
  • Installation in different European countries

1970 – 1980
10 years employed in German Defence Industry. Main activities include international project management in aircraft and tank projects, contracts in German, English and Italian and auditing of complex long lasting procurement projects.

School in Salzburg, Austria. University Munich with degree as Political Economist (Diplom-Volkswirt). English fluent writing and oral, French, Italian, Spanish pretty fair.